Car Accidents

Serious motor vehicle accidents - whether they involve cars, motorcycles, SUVs, pickup trucks, or larger trucks - have long-term life changing effects for the people involved in them. Paralysis, head injuries, burns, disfiguring scars, broken or crushed bones, and even death - all of these can be the legacy of a serious motor vehicle accident.

If you have or a loved one has suffered severe injuries in an auto accident, you know that you need the guidance of an experienced attorney to help you recover damages - for your pain and suffering, for any lost wages, for unpaid medical bills, and for loss of enjoyment of life. At the law firm of Halberg & Fogg PLLC, we have years of working with all personal injury cases and an impressive track record representing people who have suffered serious injuries in all types of motor vehicle accidents, both commercial and personal.

We work with physicians and other health care providers to assess the short- and long-term medical effects of your injuries. We can talk to actuaries to see if your life has been shortened by the accident. Our knowledge of various sources of recovery available to victims of auto accidents and their families is due in large part to our detailed and in-depth knowledge of Florida insurance, automobile, and liability law. We understand liability law and how we can get the financial compensation our clients are entitled to under the law.

We have an office in West Palm Beach, but our practice takes us throughout the state of Florida. Our goal is to get you the money that you need to compensate you for your injuries and make it possible for you to move on with your life. Contact us to set up your free initial consultation. Remember that you won't pay us a fee unless and until you recover money damages. See what our dedicated, experienced attorneys and staff can do for you.

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